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Sshhh skip this entryCollapse )

Hey hey Reine, if you see this, it turns out the plane leaves on the 18th. :o

Pluuuuuuurk why won't you loooooaaaaddd

I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Almost a week in Asia and I've only got four noticeable bug bites. I called my dad today though and he said I'll have more eventually. Did you know Taiwan has anime on TV? All we can find in Nanjing is Xi Yang Yang, which seems to have become the Chinese equivalent of Pokemon or Spongebob or something. Super popular! It's about a village full of technologically-advanced sheep and a very hungry wolf couple that's being forced to live on salads. Also also I got to Slowpoke Town in Pokemon and got a billion points on the pokewalker and I heard there's gonna be an anime convention in town at some point and Aunt #1 has four dogs! And a baby. Yaaaay scary seriousface baby. Aside from Plurk, firefox in China also refuses to load Facebook, did you know?...I say did you know a lot don't I. But now--mom's stealing the laptop. /o/

Mar. 25th, 2011

Last night I bore witness to a dark and mysterious rainy midnight snail ritual. How mysterious! They were all gone this morning though, aside from the dead snail they'd had their meeting on. And a baby snail under the car. For some reason worms bother me more than snails do. Is that weird?...When I get home from school today I think I shall have Luc make an insomnia post. And then it's spring break! Yaaaay~

This is a whiny post.

I wish my sister didn't hate me. Or I guess she might not hate me, but it seriously feels that way when every other thing I say seems to send her flying into a rage. Sure I might make mistakes now and then, like spoiling her on some story she hasn't read/seen/heard yet or something, but shouting for my mom to punish me for that seems like overdoing it a bit. As does telling me we have no shared interests, there is some sort of wall between us and we will never be able to hold conversations together. Maybe it's a teenager thing? People always seem to say teenagers are moody, and I remember being kinda unhappy in ninth grade, though that was mainly because all my friends went to a different school and I was lonely. Still! I hope she gets over that.

On another note my puppy always seems to look three times fluffier without her collar on. Aaah puppy why are you so cuuuute I wish I had a camera.

Day 1: I did not pay the cabbage guy

Dear DiaJournal,

Today I decided to work on translations! Or I guess it's more like transcriptions but anyway I got distracted by tvtropes so I didn't actually do anything today. And now I have a paid account! Even though the only money I spent today was on a textbook I was supposed to have gotten a month ago. Yaaaay. Who here's surprised I'm posting! Well there's why, so shush. Also also there is a vaporeon and a jolteon and a pokewalker sitting on my desk and now I can't stop thinking about Pokemon and also Alice in Wonderland. What completely random fictional character do you think would make a good Dormouse! Not Vincent Nightray, I'm sure. Or Luc. Luc would make a horrible Dormouse.

...Oh yeah, recently I got emails confirming I was the owner of a bunch of LJ communities for that one RP that died. Fond memories, those. Maybe I can turn them into some sort of silly random RP thing! Not that I know how to mod or anything but details.

And that is the end of today's report! /o/
...If I could use one word to describe myself, I think I'd use Awkward. Yes. Definitely awkward.

Quiz! And Stuff.


Also I'm scanning Suikoden doujinshi, so I guess you guys can watch this post if you want that? :D;;

Lotus 01!

Lotus has lots of Apple in it, Trial's just got Tenkai stars.



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